Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pug Party

Today I went to the Pug Party at Vella's at Clybourne and Courtland. Such little cuties. My favorite was when I got some footage of 3 dogs standing next to each other with their tongues out making tons of noise. And then also I love talking to pug owners because they're really into the breed. And they dress up their doggies too, in funny outfits. I saw a pug lobster, a pug leprechaun, 2 pug inmates, and varying degrees of things that make their dogs look like hookers. One day I will get a pug. Fawn or black? I don't know. 27 of each! I'm still loading them up to my Flickr site, but some of them are here.

If I had a pug, I would order this item for it:

Britney Spears has 2 dogs I think. One is named London (perhaps named after where her maternal grandmother was raised?) and one named Bit Bit. Or something like that.

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