Friday, January 27, 2012

Caboose #8: reDraft Picks

So I finished Caboose #8: reDraft Picks. It's $1.00. You can get it at Quimby's. I'm pasting in the nice review my co-worker, the talented artist and writer Edie Fake wrote of it on The Quimby's Bookstore website, 

Yes, yes, yes! Liz put the staples in Caboose #8 just SIX HOURS before the bell tolled on 2011 (official year of the Revenge of Print, fyi) this is may win the superlative title for- "Last Zine of the Revenge of Print" -and it should win a lot of other things too.  Reworking thee creme de la creme of her Masonic Blog, Redraft Picks maximalizes the laughs in what I think we can call Liz's "signature mashup" of celebrity culture, pop mayhem and life lessons. Wanna learn about what happens at a Britney Spears release event minus Britney Spears?  An expert and even semi-scientific system of measuring the entertainment value of a Hollywood biography? How Quimby's got all that vintage porn? Caboose has got answers, baby. -EF