Friday, May 18, 2012

Ray of Blight Episode 1 Now Available

The first episode of the pop music podcast I do with Sacha Mullin called "Ray of Blight" is up!

Sacha and I are friends. Friends who talk about pop music. And we eat in as many as three or more diners in a night. And then we laugh ourselves silly. Won't you join us?

In our first episode, we discuss pop stars making surreal television or film appearances.

A sampling of relevant subtopics : Ghost Writer Over a barrell part 1 (1of3) Episode 27, How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall (Part 1), The Voice (Week Three) Coaches Couch - Frenchie, Jewel and Jessica Simpson, Billie Piper, Stacey Q, Doctor Who, The Ice Castles theme by Melissa Manchester, Blaze Berdahl/Lenni Frazier You Gotta Believe, Taina: Original Television Soundtrack, the internet, Over the Rainbow by Jevetta Steele, Trapped in the Closet part 2, No More (Baby I'ma Do Right) (US Retail CDM) by 3LW, Google Voice Jewel Staite Search, Kurt Loder, Britney Spears, Sonic Youth.

And more.

More info at, including info about streaming/downloading it there or on I-Tunes.