Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Good Character Deserves Their Own Imagining

I had a dream with Britney Spears last night, She was on a boat, and her two little boys were with her. I was watching them from really far away, and noticing how the boys were getting older. THAT'S FREAKY, I'm like an inadvertant stalker. Also part of my dream last night was that I was both in and watching and commentating on a new Matrix movie. The only original people left in it were Keanu Reeves and someone else who I don't remember who it was. The agent was supposed to be in it but it wasn't the original guy, whatever his name is, the guy who played the main agent one, the guy who was an elf or whatever in the Lord of the Rings movie. What is this saying about me? Anyway, the agent was supposed to be him but in a different body. Didn't they do that for real between the first and the second Matric movie with the Oracle because the original died? I would love for there to be a movie on just the Oracle, even the second one, because she was just as good as the first and also perfectly imitated the tone etc of the first one. Sometimes I enjoy a particular character in something, a character who has a smaller part, but I want a whole thing about them. I can think of a couple off the top of my head: so the Oracle in the Matrix, Whoopie Goldberg's Guinin (sp?) in ST: The Next Generation, and Madame President in the reimagined Battlestar Gallactica. I bet I could think of more.

But then if you do that, do something based on that spinoff character you run the risk of diluting it to something less awesome. Spin-off TV hows are guilty of this often, although I hesitate to use those as examples to illustrate my point because I hardly think Frasier from Cheers or Kramer from Seinfeld are examples that I would want to watch for any length of time, even for a half a second.

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