Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Caboose #9 Now Ready For Mass Consumption

The most recent recent issue of my zine is available. It's Caboose #9: Masons On Masons, How to Start a Secret Society. You can order it here at quimbys.com for a mere $3. And here's a snippet from it at my website, if ya wanna a read a nibble from it.

My husband and I did a presentation on fraternal orders and forbidden knowledge, which then inspired this issue. But it wasn't just us doing some research on a topic we were already interested in and then writing it up. We used the pre-existing Freemason-influenced society structure as a template for making your own order. We looked at things like the OTO, Tongs, the Yakuza, the Knights Templar and more, to see what is effective and ineffective in terms of establishing your secret society, DIY-style. But lest you think it's just a brotherhood frat party, we spent some time thinking about things from a feminist angle too; we all know that "auxilary/supplemental" groups for the ladies who can't be invited to join really means "added later" which means "you can have your special boring separate but not equal tea party," which really means "oh yeah, we don't care about you because you're a woman." We also tied things in with some of our favorite mayhem topics like occult, steampunk, anarchistic philosophy, Crowley, Masonic goat humor (yes, it's a thing) and more. Of course there are some hilarious graphics, if I don't say so myself. Also, my dad is a Shriner master Mason and he showed me his fezzes.

Titles of pieces include: OG: Original Generative*The Order of the Pug*The First Rule of Rosicrucianism, Fight Club & The Catechism of a Revolutionary*The Illuminati: Really Just a Book Club* Name-Calling, Lawsuits and Personal Issues* Reaping the Benefits of Secret Societies: Financial Security, Self-Preservation & Philanthropy*Building Your Secret Society's Public & Private Spheres & Developing Pageantry*The Clockwork Universe, It's Overlap With Freemasonry & Steampunk Maker Culture: A DIY Manifesto*Considering Identity In the Formation of a Secret Society*Mirth & Mayhem: Activities In Your Meetings

Friday, September 26, 2014

Found NSYNC Fan Fiction #5 Now Available For Listening at Podbean and I-Tunes

I do a podcast with my friend Sacha called Ray of Blight and one of the segments is us reading from a binder full of found NSYNC fan fiction, which our friend Sarah found a thrift store.

NSYNC Fan Fiction started out as its own segment on Ray of Blight, but it has now been given its own life. All for you (and for us because we enjoy it so), here's what we do on each episode: we chronologically read aloud pages of one author's NSYNC fan fiction, from a binder found at a thrift store in Chicago. We have not read ahead, so you're experiencing each page with us IN REAL TIME.

You can download it for free on i-Tunes (and subscribe to it there too) or listen/stream/download it on Podbean.

Also! I've been blogging at the Chicago chapter blog for Dance Dance Party Party here. It's a one hour dance party I help run for ladies.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Zine Workshop

People always ask me if there are zine workshops. Seeing as how July is International Zine Month, I'm doing one on (this) sunday (July 13th) at 1pm at the Chi Prc. Discussion, instruction, demo, then talk about selling it. Boom.

This workshop is in conjunction with Quimby's Bookstore teaming up with The Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC) to bring you zine-y activity. CHIPRC will be hosting zine events during the month.

In this is a monthly hands-on workshop offered by CHIPRC, learn a bit about zines and the local self-publishing community. Discussion, instruction, demo, then talk about selling it.

$3 donation. All skill levels and ages welcome!

The Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC), at 858 N. Ashland Avenue, strives to build community and foster creativity by providing access to the space, education, and resources necessary to create and self-publish literary and visual work. And of course, if you make a zine there, you can always come consign it at Quimby’s! Join and support the center, and as a member you will receive discounts for using equipment, workshop registration and more. Or become a CHIPRC volunteer and give back even more. Their summer calendar features drawing activities, discussion, open studio and more! More info at chiprc.org.

More info:

Event post on Facebook   and/or    http://www.quimbys.com/blog/store-events/

Also, I'll be leading a zine reading club at the ChiPRC on July 24th!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

IZM Day 9: Write a Letter to a Zinester You Don't Know

July is International Zine Month! I'm doing a few of the ideas for selected days. Day 9 was to write a letter to a zinester you don't know. I was chuckling to myself while I did this example, standing in a towel with a toothbrush in my mouth. How hilarious would it be to receive this as a letter? There's something about this type of repurposing that gets to the heart of my sense of humor. It's like the slobs invading the snobs' party.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Internat'l Zine Month Day #7 Make envelopes for postal week

July is International Zine Month! I'm doing a few of the ideas for selected days. July 7th's suggested idea is to make some envelopes or postcards for international zine week. The very first edition of Stolen Sharpie Revolution had some envelope templates, for different size envelopes. Well, being that I have a job where I can take home old magazines, I use those for making envelopes. Scissors and glue stick are my main friends in this endeavor, although I did photocopy the templates in different sizes, then put those templates on cardboard so that I have cardboard templates I can just traace around, then cut, then fold, then glue. Voila! It's a lot cheaper and more fun when you're sending zines in the mail. I've made them as gifts for people too. I found some cheapo blank white stickers at American Science and Surplus, which I can use for the labels for mailing address and return address. I also like to buy old records and repurpose the lyric sheets to make envelopes, while the record sleeve I use for mailing (or putting in frames and displaying on the wall). Then with the record I heat it for a minute or two in the oven and then mold onto the inside of a glass bowl. Then when the vinyl dries I have a record bowl. I knew Bob Seger was good for something. And it isn't music.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

International Zine Month 2014!

July is International Zine Month! I'm picking some days and attempting to actually follow through on some of the suggested ideas for selected days.

We'll be blogging about it on the Quimby's Bookstore Quimblog too. We're going to do a window installation at Quimby's for July too. I'm looking forward to it!

July 1st's activity is "Make a Top 10 list of reasons why your love zines!"
Well OK then! In no particular order:
1. Zines are not usually done for financial profit, so there isn't a lot of advertising.
2. Since zines aren't published by big fancy magazine publishers, the writer is usually also the editor and publisher, so that means there is less interference from someone with a mainstreamy agenda.
3. Everything looks cool when laid out in scrappy black and white cut-and-paste style.
4. Zines are usually less expensive then magazines.
5. Zines can focus on charmingly specialized topics, like dishwashing, pirate radio, or how to make a haunted house.
6. When you meet other people who are into reading or publishing zines, they are usually really cool people.
7. As a zine publisher, you can publish as often or as little as you like, which I like to think of as the "I'll put out another issue when I'm damn good and ready" publishing schedule.
8. When you meet someone new you can school them in everything they need to know about you if you just hand them your zines and say, "Read these."
9. There is no intermediary editor! What you say goes!
10. If you publish a zine you can trade with other zine publishers for theirs, and it's a great way to make friends.

More about International Zine Month at stolensharpierevolution.org.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dance Dance Party Party Update Update

A month (or is it two? or three? I can't remember) I took over as one of the "den mothers" at the Chicago chapter of Dance Dance Party Party (DDPP). It's this one hour dance party for ladies only. No boys, no booze, no judgement. You dance around however you want, a different woman DJs every class, and it's the best workout ever. It's $5 a class. You come in your workout gear, the lights go dim (except for some disco lights), and you just dance, like the way you dance when you're a little kid with your friends. There aren't any instructors or rules. There's a warm up song, a cool down song, and there's music to dance to in-between. And that's it. It's on wednesdays, 7-8pm and on sundays 4-5pm at the Perceptual Motion Dance Studio at 4057 N. Damen.

Being a "den mother" for DDPP means I help with organizing, blog posts, setting-up-style duties, organizer-y type of stuff etc. I DJ under the mixmaster moniker MC Escher. Here's a link I put up on the DDPP blog to a spot where you can download my most recent mix. I think it makes for a perfectly timed workout, whether you're dancing around, going running, or whatever it is that you do (if you do). I do also have some links to a few previous mixes here on my website at LizMasonIsAwesome.com.

*Note! During the summer, the sunday sessions go from being every sunday to every other sunday, so check the DDPP social networking platforms for updates.