Monday, October 18, 2010

Names For The Cats

I am constantly coming up with new names for the cats, and periodically when the Post-It on the fridge gets full I have to go document them somewhere. In the past I've done it in issues of Caboose, but this seems like a good place to put them for now. We have 2 black cats from the same litter. They're like 9 years old or so, one male, one female. The male is uh, a portlier gentleman named Tamago. His sister is more slender. Her name is Oshinko. I highly doubt they know that those are their real names since we rarely ever use those names. Sometimes the following names are interchangeable, and sometimes they're not. All you really need to know is that you can usually figure out which names are for which cat by that information. Actually, like anybody really cares which of them goes by which name? The important thing is that I think they're clever and/or funny. The fact that any of these names get used at all is ludicrous. But I love them all. In fact, right at this moment, Joe and Tamago are meowing at each other, except Joe's meow is "I love you" and then Tamago meows back. They're having what I call a "love off." I think John and Yoko should have had that instead of a love in, which sounds less exciting. And I much prefer the hair of my cats than the hair of John Lennon.

Pounce de Leon
Mr. Squeakypants
Silly Goose
Fat Man
Little Man
Prom Date
Silly Goosta
Chunky Charlie
Chicken Leg
Floppy Jaloppy
Ed Rooney Bible Institute (He's a Righteous Dude)
Spike Lee Joint Checking Account
Captain Fatapuss
Captain Fatypuss
The Sensual Santa
Mr. Pudge
Chunk & Chunk Incorporated
Big Man Funnybelly
Cousin Chunky
"I Am J. Wellington Whimpy, And I Suggest We All Have a Hamburger On the House."
Wilfred Brimly
Little Pillow
Mr. Kitty
Doody Platter
Rolo Cholo
Dark Mister
Little Chum
Toucan of Kitty
Count Fatula
Tawny Kit-TEN
Tootsie Starring Dustin Hoffman
No Pudge
Lil' Pudge
Plus Pudge
Pudge XL
XL Pudge
Pudgin' In the Corner
Little Porpoise
Pelican Nuzzlin'

Reviewing this list makes me realize that really, I'm just into naming things. Almost all of these could be band names.

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