Monday, October 18, 2010

Gun Moll Gangster Britney Spears Halloween Costume on eBay

I have found my Halloween costume! I thought for sure I was going to buy a bunch of Candie's By Britney Spears clothes at Kohl's and then use a sampler to take snippets of what she says on her on-line trailers for it ("I love this outfit!" "You want a piece of me?" etc.). But this beats everything: Gun Moll Gangster Britney Spears Halloween Costume 8-10 - eBay (item 140466826270 end time Oct-21-10 19:57:02 PDT)

Why is a little girl wearing this?!

I'm assuming it's supposed to be Brit's outfit from the "Me Against the Music" video, which somebody did a weirdo picture of that I pulled from Google Images, which is this:

I have seen some other kinda Britney-ish Halloween stuff out there, and also on her official website they now have a thing where they show something she's worn for a performance or a video and then they list everything she was wearing and where you can get it (Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, etc,).

Also, today I met with the director Judy Hoffman, who directed the documentary of Britney called "Stages: 3 Day In Mexico." She showed me stuff from the time she was filming. She had all these laminated backstage passes, that sometimes they would change the passes so that it might be a different one everyday. I met with Judy a few weeks ago and paid one of those transcription services to transcribe the first interview and that process is expensive. It's like $1.75 per minute. I need an intern. Or a grant. Or a rich patron to fund me. Well, I guess I shouldn't complain because some really wndeful people already crowd funded my Britney Spears 101 project that I was all set to go to print but then Britney-related stuff kept happening and then the next thing I know it's going on a million months past the date that the thing should have been out by now but then awesome Britney stuff keeps happening, like she put out the Candie's clothing line, then I met this director --  if I don't get this zine/book out soon and get I'm afraid everybody will think I took their money and skipped town. AND! I can't believe I didn't do this when her Circus tour came to Chicago; Britney Spears Parking Lot!! Why the fuck did I not go down to the parking lot and interview and take pictures of people and do the fucking Heavy Metal Parking Lot treatment? I didn't think of it until when I walked into the TV room and Joe was watching that?! I'm kicking myself.

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