Monday, April 20, 2015

Come See Me Do Stuff & Things in April & May

I'm speaking on a panel called "Self-Publishing Unmasked" at C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) on Fri, April 24th. I'll be with the charming Clayton Smith, Isaac Tobin & Jill Welsh on a panel about independent publishing, moderated by the hilarious Ben Tanzer. Since I work in a bookstore where we sell a lot of the types of books the other folks on the panel publish, it gives me an additional perspective of seeing what sells well, and the angle of this panel is about how to self-publish your work and have it be successful, which, when we talk about successful, there are different ways to talk about what "successful" means. Sells well? People like it? People like it but it doesn't sell well? It sells well but people don't actually like it? It sells just enough to pay for the printing? Or like, it sells enough for you to quit your day job? It sells well but only because you're not writing what you want to be writing? That's I suppose, the angle I bring to it. I'm the zinester on the panel whereas the other folks are more about books, so we'll be a nice mix.

But the REAL MATTER IS THAT SOMEHOW I WILL FIND TIME THAT DAY TO FIND JEWEL STAITE at C2E2 and have her autograph my Kaylee Firefly parasol!!!!! Shiny!

Then on Monday, May 4th I'll be performing in 2 out of the 3 bands playing as part of Blue Mondays: The Blue Ribbon Glee Club residency (the first Monday of every month at Cafe Mustache at 2313 N Milwaukee in Logan Square). So I'll be singing in BRGC (acapella punk and new wave covers) and also with Spears & Gears (Britney Spears cabaret covers). We'll be performing with the awesome band Love Raid, who have a hilarious video for their song Interview. It's really clever.

I made this flyer courtesy of books I bought at Circus World:
a torn up used kid's book
about Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey
and a Dover book of Circus fonts