Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Names For Cats

Yeah you, Chublin Checker. 
The post-it on the fridge is full! That means it is time to post the list of how I have, as of late, been addressing my cats. As I type this, Mr. FATTYAPUSS (his real name is Tamago, today he is code name: Count Porkula) is purring on the chair with me, and I am loving it. His sister (Oshinko) is around somewhere, being all petite and cute and dainty but I don't know where. So based on the fact that you know Tamago is a fatty and Oshinko is not, you can probably hazard a guess which of these names is for which. Also, some of them make no sense, but then, terms of endearment are not known for their logic.

Sir Fatrick
McConaghy Platypus
Piddle Paddle
Chub of the Month Club
Charlie Chublin
Peter Chub Gerassey
Your Plumpness
Prince Charming
Mister ClamClam
Esteemed Dinner Guest

Bonus Addition From My Husband Joe:
Fudsey Wudgey Pudjekin
Tummy Power
Hey There Fatty Fat (to the tune of "Georgie Girl")