Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Stayed Up All Night Making This For You

So to download a mix I made, here's a link to it. This includes preposterously unrelated songs, like "Combination Pizza Hut Taco Bell," a Britney Spears "Womanizer" reggae track I found on a mashup website, a Naked Raygun song, a hilarious Breakin II trailer Joe taped off the DVD, a snippet from the Buffy musical episode...And then I put together some songs that feel kinda same-ish of that Sonic Youth-y angle. I feel like I’m doing what I did when I was a kid, making weird mixes of things taped off various places. Except now that’s considered post-modern and if you’re good enough at composing entire songs of short samples you end up in The New York Times Magazine and your name is Girl Talk. I enjoyed that one he put out a few years ago but then when I listened to his albums before that I didn’t like them as much, and I realized those first few must have been the sort of “practicing” that leads up to something awesome. I feel like lost of artists, writers, producers -- people often do that with work in general, I think. The guy who made Pi, Darren Aronofsky, he said his movie The Fountain was the real movie he had always wanted to make, like all his movies beforehand were leading him to make The Fountain -- I can see how that would happen. And also, The Fountain, awesome. Just a wonderful, beautiful, haunting, profound movie.

And then there's people who spend their whole life writing their first album and maybe a few months or years on the second, and that's why there's the sophomore slump, because maybe the second one is not as good. Or at least I have heard that that's a thing.

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