Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dance Dance Party Party Update Update

A month (or is it two? or three? I can't remember) I took over as one of the "den mothers" at the Chicago chapter of Dance Dance Party Party (DDPP). It's this one hour dance party for ladies only. No boys, no booze, no judgement. You dance around however you want, a different woman DJs every class, and it's the best workout ever. It's $5 a class. You come in your workout gear, the lights go dim (except for some disco lights), and you just dance, like the way you dance when you're a little kid with your friends. There aren't any instructors or rules. There's a warm up song, a cool down song, and there's music to dance to in-between. And that's it. It's on wednesdays, 7-8pm and on sundays 4-5pm at the Perceptual Motion Dance Studio at 4057 N. Damen.

Being a "den mother" for DDPP means I help with organizing, blog posts, setting-up-style duties, organizer-y type of stuff etc. I DJ under the mixmaster moniker MC Escher. Here's a link I put up on the DDPP blog to a spot where you can download my most recent mix. I think it makes for a perfectly timed workout, whether you're dancing around, going running, or whatever it is that you do (if you do). I do also have some links to a few previous mixes here on my website at

*Note! During the summer, the sunday sessions go from being every sunday to every other sunday, so check the DDPP social networking platforms for updates.

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