Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chicago Zine Fest 2014 Panel Transcript

For transcript of the panel, see
I moderated a panel at the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest called “In it for the Long Haul: A Discussion on Longevity in Zines with Cindy Crabb, Tomas Moniz, and Alex Wrekk. Moderated by Quimby’s Bookstore’s Liz Mason.” Alex does Brainscan zine, Tomas Moniz does Rad Dad zine, and Cindy Crabb does Doris zine. Of course, they do so much more as well, but that’s just a quick overview. The transcript was done via Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART). So speakers’ names are not noted in the transcripts, and there are a parts missing if the sound wasn’t picked up clearly. Also, there are full on technology translation mistakes. But in spite of all this, I think the transcript is enlightening and entertaining because these folks have a lot to say. I had fun doing the panel and loved talking to these thoughtful, creative artists. Click here to read the transcript.

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