Thursday, February 24, 2011

Running Commentary

I just finished watching the movie Zodiac, the movie about about a serial killer in the 60s and 70s in the bay area of California. What annoyed me was that at the end of it they put up notes about what happened to all the real people that were portrayed in the movie, and the font was so small I couldn't read it. WTF?!!

Also, I got about 3/4 the way into the movie and decided that movies are no fun without snacks, so of course I needed (air-popped) popcorn. But popcorn is no fun unless you have a lot of it. And then also popcorn needs all the salt and (fake 0 calorie) butter. And then also I needed a pint of Arctic Zero (150 cals per pint). It's amazing that food technology has come such a long way that I can actually eat that much food and that it's not actually that many cals, carbs or fat. Actually, I think everything I just ate was fat free. How is that possible? I sound like a commercial. I went to their website and apparently a lot of celebrities eat it. But why should you care what I eat when I watch movies? I don't know why I find this information very important.

So then I decided to go to the website of the movie and they have all these shorts you can watch that weren't on the Netflixian DVD that arrived at my house, since apparently the Netflix dvd was before the director's cut DVD came out with all the extras. Also, I thought maybe on the Zodiac the movie website they might have a reprint of the WAY TOO SMALL font that I couldn't read at the end of the movie. But the internet moves really slow on the couch where I sit with my Macbook (the router is in the bedroom but Joe is asleep in the bedroom so I don't want to work in there). So during the moments where the streaming is er, unsuccessfully streaming, I thought I would blogify in those moments, as if it was a running commentary. This is not unlike the commentary I was e-mailing my friend who brought me a bunch of karaoke discs back from Cambodia. Joe and I were watching them (Cambodian karaoke discs come with awesome videos) at those moments I was providing the running commentary via e-mail to my friend, which I will reproduce the correspondence here.

On Feb 8, 2011, at 7:18 PM, Liz Mason wrote:
We are watching the karaoke discs you gave us. One has a monkey!

On Feb 8, 2011, at 7:22 PM, Liz Mason wrote:
One guy has facial hair and looks like Gary Oldman in the Batman movies. Also, why is he a hip hop guy wearing bifocals? Joe suggests that is because he has bad eye sight but that it isn't totally debilitating. Is that a new hip hop thing? Bifocals?

On Feb 8, 2011, at 7:27 PM, Liz Mason wrote:
One guy was playing some kind of instrument that looks like a harmonica but sounds like an accordion. I do not understand that type of technology. Can you explain?

Joe suggested that the music sounds like 70's era Lawrence Welk but that the guy on a scooter contrasts with the sound of the music. My thoughts on the matter relate to the narrator's eyebrows. I think he dyed them.

Response from my friend:
To: "Liz Mason" <>
Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2011, 9:47 PM

O my god please tell me these emails only stopped because you stopped watching the disks. this is my best karaoke experience ever.

Actually, the reason we stopped is because we had to leave to go somewhere. I look forward to watching the rest of them and providing a written commentary as we watch them.

Oh, screw it, the movement on the web on the Zodiac site is so damn slow that I'm going to give up on it. So much for a running commentary not that one.

I started listening to the Pod F. Tomcast, the podcast of comic Paul F. Tompkins, which is very amusing. He interviewed the woman who was in one of the Drunk History shorts on, and apparently, that particular short won an award at Sundance. That blew my mind, that that won some kind of award at Sundance, Not that the short isn't awesome (it IS totally awesome), but a Sundance award is not something I would imagine would be awarded to a short like this. anyway, the podcast is super funny, and he conducts it like he's in space or something and there's robots and nice piano music with occasional electronic sounding tweak noises. I like it! Like he's orbiting in space, speaking to the masses, in a Big Brother-y kind of way. He is a super funny comediane. I remember one of my favorite sketches on Mr. Show he was in, and it was the one about the shoe salesman who passes all the ridiculous lie detecter questions, and Paul F. Tompkins was one of the people who already work at the store. Also, sometimes I hear him on WFMU's The Best Show and I always enjoy him then.

I just got a major edition to my tattoo on Sunday night, a sleeve of vines that travel up from the knuckle of my pointy finger and travel up to my elbow. I have to go lotionify it, which you're supposed to do a lot in the beginning. I love the wait looks, a vine with shades of green mostly, and it matches the vine I have on the other arm between my elbow and shoulder. Anyway, it feels kind of warm and itchy, both of those because it is trying to heal. That makes it sound pretty nasty! Well, in a way I suppose it is. But I love the way it looks and I look forward to when it's a bit warmer to wear clothes that I can actually show it off.

Lucky me! I'm actually getting sleepy. I took that sleepig pill over 2 hours ago, and I drank less coffee than usual today. That move must have really riled me up.

Well, practice makes perfect, so I'll go to sleep.

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