Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mix Tape #11 Download

Here's a link to stream or download my most recent mix. Technically it's a dance mix for working out, but I also find it good for running or just sort of well, partying, whatever party means to you.

This particular mix is 21 songs in one hour. Totally not intentional. Some songs are pretty short but with others, well, it's just that when I stream stuff together I cross fade, so the beginning and ends of songs are a lot less drawn out. And if a song is awesome but has parts that are a bit of a drag to dance to, well out those parts go. It's like just taking the money shots of songs I like. What a nice image to plant. You're welcome!

I DJ under the mixmaster moniker MC Escher for Dance Dance Party Party (DDPP), where I am also a “den mother” for the Wednesday night sessions here in Chicago. It's a one hour dance party for the ladies. This was my most recent mix for the session on 7/29/15.

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