Monday, July 7, 2014

Internat'l Zine Month Day #7 Make envelopes for postal week

July is International Zine Month! I'm doing a few of the ideas for selected days. July 7th's suggested idea is to make some envelopes or postcards for international zine week. The very first edition of Stolen Sharpie Revolution had some envelope templates, for different size envelopes. Well, being that I have a job where I can take home old magazines, I use those for making envelopes. Scissors and glue stick are my main friends in this endeavor, although I did photocopy the templates in different sizes, then put those templates on cardboard so that I have cardboard templates I can just traace around, then cut, then fold, then glue. Voila! It's a lot cheaper and more fun when you're sending zines in the mail. I've made them as gifts for people too. I found some cheapo blank white stickers at American Science and Surplus, which I can use for the labels for mailing address and return address. I also like to buy old records and repurpose the lyric sheets to make envelopes, while the record sleeve I use for mailing (or putting in frames and displaying on the wall). Then with the record I heat it for a minute or two in the oven and then mold onto the inside of a glass bowl. Then when the vinyl dries I have a record bowl. I knew Bob Seger was good for something. And it isn't music.

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