Monday, October 17, 2011

A Cat Wearing Sunglasses: A Coping Strategy

Next time you're at your lowest point, rocking back and forth, muttering intelligible prayers for divine guidance and gnawing off your cuticles, perhaps you might consider experimenting with a variety of illicit substances to help cope with mental anguish? However, if you can't afford a narcotics habit, there is also another option, one that entails what you can physically do to help redirect your attention elsewhere.

Once, when I was so disgusted with myself for making a bad judgement call about something, the only thing that stopped me from jumping in front of a bus was a few drinks. Well, and imagining I was surrounded by a huge large soft mushy cat.

Seriously, whatever works.

I got the cat idea from the anime version of "Please Save My Earth." There's this gigantic cat, like the size of a couch named Kyaa (named that because when people see him they go, "KYAA!") It's actually an alien. It gobbles up/absorbs someone's sadness and anger in a healing kind of a way. Did I mention it's huge? ...And um, when you first meet it, he's wearing sunglasses.

I can totally see where this idea came from. Not the sunglasses. The idea of a cat absorbing energy. Sometimes I'll sit down where one of the cats was just laying and then it's all warm and kitty-y, which I love, love, love. Sometimes one of the cats will have been laying on my sweater and then I'll put on the sweater and it makes me all happy because it's all warm and cat-feeling. One of my friends, the one who made me watch "Please Save My Earth," said that my cats are probably sitting on my sweaters because they sense my energy on it and then the cats and I are just recycling love vibes back and forth.

Warm and fuzzy. Literally.

Did I mention that the cat in the anime was a really big cat? Because it was.  Like the kid would kinda spoon with this really big cat. Well, maybe not totally spoon, but curl up in the cats belly while the cat lies on it's side.

Also, did I mention the cat had sunglasses for a few scenes? My friend who showed me this movie said that she showed it to me because she knew I would love the idea of this cat, and especially that it was wearing sunglasses, and that this really long dramatic movie was really just the build up until I would see the cat with sunglasses. Because this cat is cooooool.

But really, I mean, I liked the idea of the trauma absorbing cat. I SO want one of those. Craig's List ad maybe?

Anyway, my point is that something helpful when you're sick of being in your own head is to engage in some type of sensory activity that feels good, even if it's pretending that you're surrounded by a ENORMOUS CAT. (With or without sunglasses.)

If you want to watch the scene about Kyaa from "Please Save My Earth," you can watch it here:

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