Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Sound of No Hands Clapping

...Also! I hate it when I'm at any sort of live musical performance and they're like "Now audience participation! Clap your hands! Ladies in the house! Clap your hands! Now the men! Now clap your hands!" Clap your hands?! That's bullshit. I will decide when I clap my own fucking hands. In fact, unless I'm doing that sort of standard before and after audience thing you do before and after a performance, I DON'T DO HAND CLAPPING. That's lame. Hand clapping! Who do people think they are with preposterous imperative commands like that? Fucking motivational speakers?! BOOOOO.


  1. I hate the "I can't hearrrrrr you!"/guy holds his ear thing. Every time someone does that at a show, a puppy dies in a fire.

  2. It is no doubt an effort to draw the audience into the performance through kinaesthetic resonance. Clapping makes sense if you are drawn into the act, but performers calling out for clapping is pretty much an admission that their music is too lame to elicit the resonance without an imperative command.

  3. Yes! William, I love that point. If you have to imperative command the audience into participating then you're basically admitting your work sucks and need help with it.