Thursday, April 7, 2011

Britney as Muse vs. Britney as Machine Vehicle Thing

So Britney Spears will be in Chicago July 8th. Perhaps I will have my first actual expereince seeing her in concert. It's not like I haven't actually seen footage of her live shows on every single tour. The intenet is an amazing place; people post entire shows on their cell phones, from every angle. But what I'm talking about is less about seeing her live and more about me actually being able to film people in the parking lot to do a Britney Spears Parking Lot. Or maybe nobody cares about her anymore. OK, all eight people following this blog! Anybody wants to come with me, here's the info!:

Britney Spears Announces North American Summer Tour - BRITNEY SPEARS: "July 8 Chicago, IL United Center"

Does she ever take any time off? In a recent book I read about her the author was talking about how maybe the reason she seems to be touring so much on the last couple albums is because peraps she's under a tough love contract with her record label. Or maybe she's making up for lost time for not touring during the Blackout period,. I love that it's  the name of the album is Blackout because then one can say "the Blackout Period" which is totally fitting for that era of her career, her meltdowny era.

Is Britney perhaps not relevant anymore? I read a review of her new album in the Onion and they were saying something to the efect like the review I was talking about in my last blog entry, that it's an entity that is the name of Britney Spears recording under that name -- although in the Onion they were slightly more complimentary (I guess) and said that she was more of a muse for other song writers to write for, and she's more of a catalyst-vehicle thing for new songwriters to get their work out there -- it's like she's one big commercial for other people, which totally makes sense if you watch any of her videos for the last album or two or three where a lot of the videos have tons of sponsorship deals. I think in either the NY Popcast review or the Onion review they were talking about how in an era of Lady Gaga, Kei$ha and Katy Perry (women songwrites writing for other people or recording their own self-written songs) perhaps Britney is not part of that group of female song writers -- making her in some way less relevant. Is relevant really the right word?

Anyway, last night I watched Brit's new video for Till the World Ends. Joe peeked in while I was watching it. I said that it reminded me of the Slave 4 U video, all sweaty and people dancing in a sort of moody gritty scenario. Joe said that it reminded him of the second Matrix movie, which I agreed.

Also! I saw Britney's 25 Things You Should Know About Me or whatever in Star or US or one of those magazines, and the most important thing that stood out for me was that she crashed her mom's Lexus in high school.

Her mom drove a Lexus when Britney was growing up? I am surprised because I know growing up they were pretty poor. For some reason I picture it like Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner. Preposterous of me, I know.

Also, the fact that I have even thought about this is pretty preposterous. What can I say? I'm a walking Twitter feed. Or something.

Is there such a thing as hooking up soemthing to just record your thoughts without you having to actually articulate them? Because that's what I need. Like a mental articulation intern. A thought voice mail. Single celled one degree no-work recording. Bee boop robot. Smart phone.

And hey! One of my favoritest high weirdness distributors Last Gasp (in San Francisco) was selling my zine And now they're sold out, as I see from their website. My contact there told me that there was a lot of chaos when Britney doing a TV appearance there and my zine apparently captured a zeitgeistyness of the moment. They ordered more but by that point I was down to only a few. Aw shucks.

I sent some zines to Australia because Luke at Sticky had contributed to my indiegogo campaign to print Caboose #7 and to send 20 copies of it cost me $75! What the hell, United States Postal Service?! I should just take a damn vacation there myself. Maybe take some digiridoo lessons. And learn how to spell digireedoo. On a dirgible. Or whatever.

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