Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A grant for a porpoise!

Excitement! I'm writing my first grant purposal. Proposal. Porpoisal. A grant for a porpoise! That's the best kind!

Ulch, it would help if I could spell it first.

Does anybody know about this stuff? Here are my ridiculous questions because I have an inability to understand directions even after reading them a million times:

*For funding history: Is a past crowd-funding thing considered a grant? Does "previously funded project documentation" just mean for grants or crowd-funding?
*For cash income: Does "total anticipated cash income" not include credit cards? Without credit cards I wouldn't be able to do the things I do...I don't make any money really from my work but I fund the project with my own paychecks from work, sort of. Mostly it's me with a credit card.
* As supplemental documentation, it says I can use a manuscript. Can that just be a copy of my zine-book thing? It's what I'll be asking for in grant money to reprint.

Who knows the answers to these wonders of the world? Inquiring minds want to know.

Today I was trying to put together some of those boxes that hold file folders and they had these directions on it that were like, "A flap next to D" etc., and no kidding, it took me SEVEN minutes to put one together. And the fucked up thing is I have to do this annually so I must be doing this every year, when I move the previously ended year's finance files down to the basement to put in the file folder box. How is it that I cannot remember this from year to year? I have been working there for almost TEN YEARS. (And then the next time the basement floods I'll swear loudly that the boxes got all wet.) The hilarious thing was I couldn't help think of that expression, "So and so is so dumb they kind find their way out of a cardboard box." Well I'm so stupid I can't even find my way into a cardboard box.

I think I might have some kind of attention span OCD thing mixed with adult ADD or something. Hey let's go see a movie! Just tonight someone was telling me that there's some kind of research that says that adults with ADD tend to focus better with coffee, but that it also then makes them sleepy. The person that told me this said that she can't sleep without it, and that she drinks a thermos of it to relax. How interesting! I feel like for me coffee makes me feel really inspired and in love with the world.

Anyway, following directions. I think I have some issues in reading and understanding them. Although one thing I am getting pretty good at is getting questions answered on-line. Today I full on just typed into Google: "My HL-2140 printer won't print and the drum is blinking orange. What do I do?" And I got an answer.

The answer was that I needed a new drum.

I shared this with my co-workers and then declared that the regularly scheduled drum circle will be cancelled.

I got one (1) laugh.

In other news: today's idea: I plan to get more exercise by chasing the cats around the house. Tubby fat cutie Tamago will hate it but I think his sister Oshinko will go for it.

Also, a good way for getting more exercise is regularly scheduled podcast listening time on my ipod. I subscribe to more podcasts than I could possibly listen to but I have very much been enjoying listening to Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern (you can subscribe to it on I-Tunes, but you can check out him and his friends at I have been a fan of the Gay Pimp ever since I heard his "Soccer Practice" song when electroclash was getting big in the early 2000's. (What are they calling those years now? The awghts or something?) -- Anyway, he was on some compilation with other hilarious awesome danceable songs, like some song about putting lotion on your elbows. Anyway, so I'll set aside some time to just go out with my ipod, and I'll actually spend more time walking if I have something engaging to listen to. But so anyway! I have a few podcasts, and this one of them, that I listen to it so often that I kind of feel like the people on the show I am in some way related to. Like the 2 guys on the Stuff You Should Know podcast, Chuck and Josh? I feel like they're my brothers. So that's kind of how I feel about the Gay Pimp podcast. Like he's got all his raunchy and charming friends on the show and I feel like I'm always curious what new adventures they'll be sharing this week. I'm pissed at myself that I did not go see Jonny when he was playing in Chicago. I think I was really exhausted or something that night. Anyway, he's been doing the podcast since like 2006 so I still have quite a backlog to listen to, since the podcast thing is relatively new for me, like the past year or so. I also enjoy a few music and book podcasts, as well as the ridiculous I-tunes Celebrity Playlist Podcast. They have bands on playing stuff they like, and rarely are they particularly articulate, but sometimes I enjoy that. Peoples lack of skill with words can sometimes be as amusing as people's skill with words.  I also like the Onion's AV podcast. Amelie Gillette from the Onion used to have one and I lament that she does not do one anymore. I was always excited when a new one would be awaiting a listen. One thing that I do with podcasts when I'm listening to them at home through the computer and not my  ipod is that I make a deal with myself that I will not get caught up in not making noise when I'm getting shit done so that I can hear the podcast better. This means that I may get in the shower or something while it's playing and I might miss part of it, but that I just have to be OK with that. I think of it this way: instead of seeing the world in such a way that I have to hear everything that I want to hear at the expense of getting other things done, I get other things done and it just so happens that I have some entertaining things going on in the background, and sometimes they'll bleed into my hearing while I'm doing stuff. Otherwise, I could totally get caught up in getting nothing done because I have to make sure I'm not crunching too loudly or something, and I would never get to some of the other podcasts.

*And just as a footnote: I like electroclash. It's like if 80's music was good and each song wasn't like 87 minutes long.

Thank you goodnight!

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