Friday, December 31, 2010

Extra Extra This Just In: More Cat Names and Other Cat-Related News

That's right, the post-it on the fridge is full. What post-it you ask? Why, it's the "Names For Cats," an on-going list I keep of the names I call my cats, names that are not their birth names. They probably don't even know their names (Tomago and Oshinko). Looking at this current batch, you'll see that some of the names are addressed to both of them at once and then also you'll see that some of them are for them individually. Tomago is fat and cute. Oshinko, his sister, is skinny and cute. So here we go:

Snack & Snack Incorporated
Monsieur Mushy Belly
Mushy Pickle
Puddin' Pop
Pontius Pudding
Puddin' Puss

Now I'll start a new post-it to put on the fridge. Just in time for 2011. Happy new year, my liddle kitties! Yeah, that's right, Mr. Spellcheck On My Computer! "Liddle!" Because that's how I pronounce it. Phonetic this, Blog Speller!

With snappy weird non-sensical one-liners like that I should write for Hollywood blockbuster films.

Also: the word phonetic is NOT spelled phonetically. Oh, the irony.

Also! This year I listened to a bit more Cheap Trick (how did I not get in to them earlier? They've got some really great stuff -- it takes someone else to have it in their collection to expose me to it), and because I never look at song titles, every time I hear the song "''Elo Kiddies" I think they're saying "Hello Kitty." Ha ha ha ha.

I have to imagine I am NOT the first person to think this, based on a few things I've found on the web, including this one:

Someone who works in CEOtrends was writing about this? How funny.

Hapy new year! Resolutions?

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