Saturday, March 5, 2011


So since a new song from Britney's new Femme Fatale is available I went to go check it out and it was luke warmy. It's "Till The World Ends" (which I listened to on iTunes) -- co-written by Ke$ha, produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke. They always do all this convoluted marketing so you end up funding the Britney Babydoll Robot Machine (or the Britney Spears Military Complex) with all this mumbo jumbo about preordering and incentives if you order on-line, but then your credit card getting charged at a later date for the rest of the album and bla bla bla. And then I bet if you buy a non-download real CD there's probably stuff on there that you can't get from I-Tunes, etc. And then you get different stuff if you order from one of her zillion websites, you can get a Premium Fan Edition that I think might come with a handjob or something. Bah! I have not been that impressed by Britney's Hold It Against Me, although the video was intriguing and reminded me of the paint-splatter J. Geils Band/Whip My Hair trend I wrote about a number of months ago. I was kind of luke warmy about that song too. I hear she's going to tour for this album again. This time I definitely plan to do a Britney Spears Parking Lot Jeff Krulik thing. Early summer tour! I'm listening to her appearance on Ryan Seacrest right now, and they have the volume of her voice turned down really low and being that it's almost 3am, I'm afraid I'm going to wake everybody in my house up if I have it up too loud. Her voice is all quiet but then when Ryan Seacrest talks he's super loud. Keep it down, Ryan Seacrest, you're going to wake everybody up! Anyway, March 29th I will have a good new workout album, so thank you, Britney!

Last night I finished reading Graham Hancock's Entangled, and I was so bored that by the last 50 pages I was skimming. It's science fiction about 2 women in different places in time, and lots of stuff about out-of-body experiences, ayahuasca, Neanderthal Enigma consciousness -- by all rights things I find intriguing but somehow this book seemed cheesy and boring. Why am I so blase? Plus there was lots of violent fight scenes and graphic stuff which also sort of bores me.

Also, since we got a new mag shipment in at work I get to take home the previous issues of things so I flipped through a previous issue of Tattoo Society (#25). Entire sections devoted to tattoos about Einstein! And Star Wars. BORING. BORING BORING. The Einstein thing? Hilarious that there are that many. That people would want to get an old Jewish man with crazy hair on themselves is silly to me. I mean, if you're really into physics or relativity, why not get something that's less cheesy and more creative? If gravity is a curvature in space and time, why not get the graph they always show when they talk about that? Also, if these people were so into science they would know that sciencey people have been suggesting that the the discussion of gravity and space time has started to think about including elements of spin. Science poseurs. Not that I consider myself any sort of scientist, but I know people being lame when I see it. Also, there's a section devoted to tattoos about Star Wars. BORING. Can we be done with the lame Star Wars "I'm a nerd from the 80s!" posture now? Sure, I enjoy reading the Think Geek catalog as much as anybody, but enough is enough.

I went to bed before 9pm last night because I was so bored and disgusted by my non-inspiredness, I decided to call it a day and press "do over" for tomorrow. I just crawled under the covers with a book written by a guy who works for SETI that is making a compelling argument that most likely no aliens have ever landed on our planet, which he (and me) are disappointed but realistic about. But, he was talking about the movie Communion, based on this guy's memoir from 1985, which I think I remember seeing some of when I was a kid, so I went to add it to my Netflix queue just now (OK, movie! I will see you in 3 years!).

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